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Our Corporate and Social Responsibility is based on three pillars:


At all stages, the product is fully Made in Italy, where the tradition of Venetian knitwear is well-known.

The sustainable approach applied to production processes aims to safeguard the preservation
of the resources of our territory.  
Our production starts with the purchase of sustainable raw materials, for the vast majority derived from renewable natural sources.
The percentage of yarns containing fibers of recycled origin, which we use for our collections,
increases from season to season. 
The materials used in our packaging are always sustainable and recyclable materials.

We believe that the creation process should always be nurtured in a healthy, welcoming & inclusive work environment.

Our teamwork is based on the mutual respect, expressed in contractual terms of employment and in the guarantee of rights.

As an employer, our company guarantees to the employees and collaborators a remuneration which is compliant with our luxury brand positioning.  
Antonino Valenti strives to implement adjustments into the current realm of the artisan local knitwear production of the Veneto region andto adavance the implementation of the new sustainable work ethics.

We are against fast fashion, we believe our clothes can be timeless from a styling perspective and are built with the quality to last.
We are also working on implementing services to our clients to allow the continued enjoyment of our products: we will soon offer a free repair on all our products.

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