About Us

Antonino Valenti

Two A Srl was founded in 2010 by Antonino's desire to make the most of the experience he gained during collaborations with important brands in the fashion industry. Through a reverse path, towards the origins, he rediscovers the ductility of handmade knitwear, bringing it to an accessible luxury, based on the quality of the yarn and on an innovative and essential design. This is possible thanks to the designer's ability to combine his modern vision and his knowledge of the most advanced technologies with the strong link he has with his territory, where knitwear has a long history and craftsmanship is a peculiarity.

For many people the word "success" just means being rich and having a great company that works perfectly. For us, on the other hand, what counts is to obtain a quality result, following the realization of the product from the creative phase and the meticulous choice of materials to all stages of processing, with attention to the smallest details.

The brand thus becomes the business card of Antonino Valenti's style, designed to win over a contemporary clientele, in search of uniqueness and increasingly aware of their purchasing choices.