The man behind the collections, Antonino Valenti was born just outside Venice in 1981, before eventually relocating to Milan to attend the prestigious Istituto Marangoni.
Upon graduating from design school, he honed his skills working for a number of leading brand, gradually building his own aesthetics.
Deeply passionate about craftsmanship, highly keen to expand on his family’s roots and breathe new life into the art of Italian knitwear, Antonino used an old frame as a blank canvas upon which his unique vision could come to life. Thus haute tricot was born.

Tradition, Transition, Experience, Craftsmanship, Modernity and Renewal.
For Antonino Valenti the word “ success “ means to obtain a quality result, following the realization of the product from the creative phase and the meticulous choice of materials to all stages of processing with attention to the smallest details.

Antonino Valenti’s production is totally Made in Italy starting with the purchase of raw materials up to quality control. Our spinning are based in Tuscany by historical spinning mills well-know in the Italian fashion system for the fine viscose and the yarns.

The in-house weaving has been made in collaboration with venetian companies as well as the packaging, managed at the same time by our in-house tailoring. The quality control is strict and constant. 

Our duty is to guarantee to our customers a garment perfectly and properly done for all occasions. Antonino Valenti’s collections are timeless and above the current meaning of fashion.


Our Corporate Responsability lies in the purchase of sustainable raw materials and all stages of production made in Italy, where the tradition of venetian knitwear is well know.

Our strenght is the know-how of fabrics and our in-house tailoring who works hard to ensure excellent quality. This can be only possible thanks to a great team work and mutual respect especially regarding contractual terms and guarantee of rights.

Antonino Valenti’s garments are carry over. We strongly believe in take advantage of all our resources and we disagree with the fast fashion model.